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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Antara malu & hipokrit.

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I think there should be an award for the word "hypocrite" as it seems to be the most frequently used word by Malays. As I'm a Malay, that's what I see. 

It was about 10years ago when I was fourteen had I encountered and familiarized myself  with the word "hypocrite". Magazines and newspapers would feature some celebrities or "randomly picked teenagers for some meaningless column just so to meet the number of pages required". Every single time had I read the columns, the featured personalities would then picked "hypocrite" as the most disgusted loathed trait. I just didn't really understand the word.

Since then, the word hypocrite has gained its popularity and even more now. 
In my little world, NO ONE wants to be a hypocrite. They would do anything not to be one. Their lives depend on it. Everyone's life is valued by that, at least that's what they think. They eat, talk, shit and sleep with anti-hypocrite ware switched ON. Like a detainee in their own kingdoms, they confused. They think they are free but a kingdom is just a kingdom, not the world. I'm not excluded.

Now I'm not fourteen anymore. I don't just swallow what ever people shove into my brain.
I dare to question. I dare to dare.
They have misused the word hypocrite!

They say:
If you are shy, you are either naive/ pretending!
If you don't curse you are not free.
If you be nice, please stop acting!
If you talk politely, damn you are hypocrite!

They think:
If you laugh and talk loudly, you rule!
If you proud of doing bad things, you're good.
If you go against the world, you are a free man. (erm..maybe.haha)
If you wear less, you are cooler.

This is what the word hypocrite means now. It means the exact opposite to shyness. It means you are bad, I'm good! Again, I'm not excluded.

Happy Ramadan. My Allah bless our souls.


nabilazahin said...

wah, an update! aku dh ter-left a bday wish kt fb ko bersama ayat 'sila update blog' b4 aku cek blog ko:p

yeaaaaa,aku agree..the word hypocrite is misused and overused la bg aku. most ppl nowadays sesuke hati je nak gune pkataan tu. sume bende pun nak label hypocrite. to me, ppl assume too much. ppl suke sgt nak go against the norm. kununnye lain dari yg lain ah. yg elok dan normal tu dorang ckp 'hypocrite'. as for me, hypocrites susah r nak detect melainkan dah kenal org tu sgt and tau prangai die suke berpura2 kot. kalo stakat hal kecik2 pun nak ckp sume org hypocrite..geli ah..i think org yg gune pkataan ni cume nak puaskan hati dorang je bila dorang tak suke org2 yg dorang pnggil hypocrite tu. they r just looking for a reason to justify their hate.

aku kdg2 ada masanya pemalu, aku awkward, ko sndiri tau aku skema bile tngkap gambar for example hahah, does that make me a hypocrite? bengong arr sape yg label org yg pemalu hypocrite. tak sume org berani and gile2. ppl are influenced by their surroundings so it's unfair to simply call others hypocrite. but i gotta say, ppl yg gile2 dan berani roooccckkk!! :D (how i wish i'm like that:p)

eh, make sense ke comment aku dgn entry ko ni?:p hihi ape2 pun, selamat hari raya Zu and take caaaaaaare dear!!

zuliana_me said...

Hi, Nabby! Yes, exactly! Sometimes I wonder if we gossip (negative things) about other people, is it because they really irritated us or just bcoz it makes us feel good bout ourselves.

The main reason i'm writing this is bcoz, i frequently hear people say:
"Minah ni teruk giler buat mcm ni. Kalo aku xpela, aku mmg jahat. Aku bukan hipokrit mcm die"
Bagi aku, ayat ni je dah hipokrit. I realize at times when I gossip bout other people, it's actually just to make me feel gud bout myself. I'm ashamed coz I aint any better.

hamzah ian said...


zuliana_me said...


hamzah ian said...

oyeah again.. haha

Fatul said...

nope, most frequent word used by malay should be "fuck" . haha..

zuliana_me said...

Haha... yeah, true enough. I was so living in the past. lol..

Mr. Swift said...

Hello! Singgah sini lepak-lepak jap tadi dan ohh polo anda!
Btw lawa blog and happy blogging! And happy new year! :)

Psst : Lelaki Bersuara Emas Jadi MrBean!

zuliana_me said...

Hi, Mr.Swift. thanks for reading my humble blog ;)
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

hahaha this post is exactly what's going on in my life right now,bravo!

zuliana_me said...

Zaidi: Right?! I think as teenagers (haha, aku??), we do care what others think of us. We shouldn't have actually. It's not like we need their approval on everything.. Have a great day! ;)

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