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Saturday, July 24, 2010

What's funny in a weird way...

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Hellios, everybody.. anybody... ECHO..!
Yeah, I'm damn bored. I've been wanting to write this post a few days ago but if I was not too busy, I was lazy; spending my time on the couch watching tv, changing channel and hating it. LOL...(sorry if it's not funny).
I was planning on writing something informative but since I didn't jot down my thoughts and with my brain only the size of peanuts, I could not remember. So, yeah honey pies...this will be another lame but I hope still-funny-post from me. 

I've been wondering over some issues that I thought were kinda ridiculous. Lemme tell you what are they.

1# Funny/ Weird:
Beyonce's alter ego is Sasha Fierce. I really don't understand why on earth would Beyonce need an alter ego that looks and acts exactly like her real self. Both like gold colored clothings, blings, fabulousity, and sky touching high confidence. I'm just thinking that if you wanna create an alter ego wouldn't it better when it is out of the world & totally the opposite of the real you? So that you will bring something new to the audiences.

Left: Sasha Fierce                                      Right: Beyonce Knowles
Or either way around.....

To compare this with Sacha Baron Cohen's alter egos, it'd be a laughing matter. Sacha's alter egos are all bout laugh anyway...

Ali G - An English "wannabe" (someone who wants to be something they are not) rapper.

2# Funny/ Weird:
I heard this one on the radio when Miley Cyrus said that her mom sang unbelievably terrible that should stop right away. Wow, I was about to say the same thing to Miley. LOL. So, I vote this one as funny!

3# Funny/ Weird:
Can someone tell me how can Cougar Town, Glee and Two and A Half Man be better than the super awesome How I Met Your Mother? I mean, seriously. Huda, I thought we were humour-soul mate-made in heaven! You betrayed me honeypie. I'll eat you now. Burrpp...

P/S: Glee: reminds me of myself back in school.
       Cougar town: reminds me of myself. Excitement &kelam kabut. Bukan bahagian gatal tu yea tuan-puan..
       HIMYM: reminds me of the kinda friendship that I'm longing for. I have one actually.

That's all babeh!~


zuliana_me said...

Hahaha... it's not funny!

nuptiles said...

wey what la comment on ur own.ni mst kes lps post entry, baca balik.haha.
Ok first, Sasha Fierce is diff from Beyonce in terms of attitude,spiritual not physical well-being--of what i know la.Mls nk investigate.haha.

2nd, Yah miley's voice is irritating sometimes.i wanna slap someone with that voice someday.haha.ape hak aku ntah....

3rd..Hellll to the OOOO...Glee, Two and a half men and cougar town(until ep.10 only) are the best series evahhh.. I dont get it why u r soo into HIMYM.its not funny at all.when i watch it, seems like i watch a no-sense talkshow.And btw neil patrick hariss is super-annoyingg.
Yah i tot we were humour-soulsister zue..now i second that...goodbye my lover.haha

zuliana_me said...

huda, how could u say that... neil partrick hariss is super awesome, in fact, too awesome that I dun have a word to describe..

OMG, I laugh all the time while watching HIMYM!
Ok, but I accept all.lol..

nabilazahin said...

O GOD, I LOVE HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, the friendship it portrays...besides the ke-funny-an dan kebangangan mereka2 itu, haih...that citer rocks!

but i do love glee and cougar town jugak.

since i love all of them, i think all three sangat bbessstttt :D

and tell me, how does GLEE remind u of urself back in the schooldays? :D care to share??;p

btw, hi zu!! ;)

zuliana_me said...

Yeah, semua citer tu best sgt kan.... I love all of them!

Glee reminds me of my previous primary school before SKBTHO. Kat BTHO, aku mcm sgt takut org & pasif. It also reminds me of myself ms kat matriks. Aktif teater & nyanyi semula. hehe..

anak abdullah said...


zuliana_me said...


nabilazahin said...

just read ur reply..well, i've always tot u r an amazing person and personality ko best sbb ko brani and fun to be with! aku tak prasan lak time ko kt btho ko mcm yg ko described urself, but i remember after ko pindah sekolah menengah, we sometimes talked over the phone and ko pernah cerita a few things about benda yg ko paranoid about (ntah ko igt ntah tak hahaha) and guess what, i'm facing all those things now!!! u grow for the better, me on the other hand, nowadays i find myself to be full of anger and insecurities hahahah dang, i get confused and swayed easily aaaaarrrr and that's so not coooll ;(

zuliana_me said...

Oh, nabby.. I'm not that berani & such. Aku berani bila ngn korg aka org2 yg aku rapat. If I were left alone or with strangers, I'd feel really awkward.
If u notice, when I walk alone I'd walk with head facing the floor avoiding other people's eyes. When I walk with frens, I'd keep myself in their direction instead of the road (ermm..maybe coz i talk too much.LOL..)

Aku x ingat ape yg aku paranoid dulu tp skrg aku rs aku takut bila dlm kumpulan org xkenal. Despite all that, I just need a few minutes before I can gain the energy and urge to be brave & try to mingle around. Kdg2 kena berlakon berani gak. We can do that, Nabby! ;)

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