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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

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Yeah, I definitely feel like a "just-woke up-sleeping-beauty". Just skip the word beauty if you disagree, not that I care...or do I? Hehe.. I haven't been updating this blog for almost two months now which is equivalent to two years in blogging world which explains the post title: "Sleeping Beauty"...You can see the connection, can't you?

So, I've been busy with works this couple of months. I had a two-weeks training in Bangkok which was AwEsOmE (please imitate jim carey's voice) coz I met some great & friendly people. Then we had a big client came to the lab so it was kinda busy and now we have tonnes of works still. I'm very grateful but I think I'm now living a routine life & for that, I only have myself to blame.

Today I'm not going to complain bout my routine life but I'm going to share a bit bout my AwEsOmE training in Bangkok. Basically, I'd made some new friends, the hotel room was very nice and I went to the town for shopping even though I initially reluctant to go due to the previous chaos erupted in Bangkok. 

I loved it in Bangkok. Thailand people were very nice and soft-spoken, my friends there were all funny especially Bob (He acted & sounded like Andrew Zimmerm! Seriously...) I laughed and smiled almost all the time, even during class coz the trainer, Nathan Hutchinson was really cute.

From the left: Bob, Nathan, Panot, myself, Nie, Wong, Anonymous, Chao & Bruce

Bob & Bruce were wondering why Asian girls (or guys in that case) tend to put up "peace" sign every time posing for the camera. I said it's simply because we didn't know how to pose like a model. Thus, here as seen in picture above is them trying to give us some tips on how to give creative poses.

Panot was being super nice to accompany the three of us to Bangkok's shopping malls and flee market. It was really fun! I also took some pics at the market.

Haha...sempat ambil gambar abang hensem berbaju hijau lagi...;) & I loved the pink taxis! Tuktuk (motorbike taxi) tak sempat nak naik.

I was lucky to have a happy-go-lucky girl classmate, Nie, during the training. She was a genius. Bob often said to me in the lab: "Mulan (Nie) is creating a Frankenstein" or  "She's a rocket engineer".

P/S: When you are an engineer, you complain bout how tiring and time-consuming your life is; you wish you were a doorman. If you were a doorman, you'd complain how boring & tiring your life is. 
Does this make any sense to you?


Anonymous said...

Haha at last, a new post. Bangkok looks very nice, I wish I could go there sometimes in the future. So how long will you be staying there in Bangkok?

Bob & Bruce do have a point, I must say. I tend to strike up the popular 'peace' sign myself when my picture is taken -.-

zuliana_me said...

Haha..yea, finally a new post. I forced myself to write this last night.

I stayed in Bangkok for two weeks, right after the demonstration calm down. Now already in KL with tonnes of works.
Yeah, Bruce and Bob really have the point. Im very jealous of Hanis Zulaikha/ other models..;)

profwacko said...

I like the TUkTUk car in the jar. Eh, they called it TUkTUk right?? huhu..

zuliana_me said...

Yeah, the tutktuks in jars were very cute... Rasanya tuktuk la namanye. My friend told me so.

nabilazahin said...

yeah, finally zu! do update more often okeh! btw, sunday ni yang nak ajak kuar tuh..so u can't make it huh? :( :(

nabilazahin said...

eh btw, Bob and Bruce sgt comel and the thing about engineer and doorman tu makes perfect sense to me :D we always complain about how boring/imperfect our lives are..hahah. guess we are never satisfied with whatever we have. and this reminds me that i need to learn to be MOOOREEEE grateful with what i have :)

zuliana_me said...

Hi, nabby! yeah, i shud be more than grateful for everything that I have today & the fact that I'm still living.
Kita kuar nnt yea..buat bukak puasa sama semua... hehe..

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