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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Strip me open.

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Hi, all Homosapiens! I hope at least one of u still exist here. Or not.


Today I'm going to strip myself open. Inside. Why? Mainly because I'm damn bored waiting for others to update their blogs so I could have a good laugh. Sounds like a loser to you? It does to me.

By the way, I'm writing this post because I "finally" realize how rarely do I write on this blog. Instead, I prefer to wander and leave a comment or two at other blogs. Haha..sometimes the shits I left on others' blogs are even longer than my own post.

Feizal said it's because I'm afraid of critics, that's why I rarely write on my own blog. In the end, just for the sake of writing something for that month & not letting myself sleep at 9pm, I'd write something that I don't really like/ some easy lame pieces that others already know.

Feizal was right.. I'm such an insecure person. I do not mind leaving long comments on others' blogs because I dun give a damn if people judge me there because it's not my piece of work. There is an advantage of that as it allows me to open up and say want ever I have on my mind. While blog to me is a piece of work: leisure or serious matter, both counted.

I also have the tendency/ obsession to change my post title, pictures and contents a few times so people will understand what I'm saying. Then, after I published the post, I would read it again often it'd come with grammar mistakes. Haha...wateva.

                                              I'm not afraid of you, ya monsters! ;p

Yea, so that is the reason why I rarely write on this blog besides of my crawling-to-bed time at 9pm. Not that you care...;) Thank you for reading.

P/S: I sometimes wonder if I'm stupid as I find it's really hard to explain something. Especially to guys..huh... :(


nabilazahin said...

nyaaaa..i wrote u a comment just now and bile time nk post comment, my internet went bengong. adoii..sedih la plak.

anyways, just wanna say that i feel u, cos stimes i am insecure and afraid of being criticised too. but i believe u r actually lebih berani than u think u r. u might think otherwise, but to me, u're one of the people yang berani and strong with interesting personality that i know so far:D

zuliana_me said...

Hehe... thx nabby. I used to be braver. Skrg mcm I'm afraid of everything. Takpe, skrg jadi berani la ;)

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