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Friday, April 09, 2010

America's Next Top Models stupid lame actings!

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It was a few weeks ago & I was getting ready to go to work I saw something on TV. It was the i-guess-new America's Next Top Models! Oh, yea I love that show. I love to see all the beautiful girls & the "reality show" because somehow I'd try to related what happen on the show with my life, myself ;p

However to my horror, at one part I saw all the girls reading a message from Tyra. Out loud: TO-GET-HER! It's really like 1st graders OK... Damn, it was disturbing to see some grown ups to do the same thing. It was not cute/ charming. Nope.

I could even see some of the girls felt like being forced to do that. They tried their best not to smile from ear-to-ear like the rest. Faking of excitement is what it is..

In this new show, we can also see all the girls act like they are entering some cheer leading competition. They would jump and scream excitedly over everything! Seriously! I don't know if this is a new trick/ gimmick to attract people attentions, bad or good as long as they watch it. Shame to admit, it works on me. LOL. I still hate the lame acting, YES. It just my butt is glued to the couch already... eyes glued to the TV only to find other freaking ridiculous things out of ANTM. Yeah, we know you were the man Tyra. Too bad too much faking is not going to keep me watch it any longer. ;)

Yes, I guess that concludes my entry today.. Have a good life all!


Anonymous said...

bimbos! haha. you should watch vanity lair. the show is too pointless at times.

zuliana_me said...

Vanity lair? oh, patut tgk ni. boleh la buat lagi satu rubbish post. haha..

Maybe I shud just stop writing in this blog & just comment on others' blogs. haha....

Anonymous said...

haha that show cari beautiful people,dia singkirkan sesuka hati. kadang2 okay la,kadang2 drama habis participant dia cari publisiti.

eh don't la,you have a streak on your own la,writing unique posts. keep on writing the good stuff okay :)

Ahmad Luqman said...

English kau tak patah langsung pun aha

zuliana_me said...

Zaidi: Oh yeke.. mesti tgk ni. Suits a bimbo like me. LOL.

Ahmad Luqman: Kira patah la ni. Kena improve lagi.. ;)

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