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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pisau Cukur Trailer

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Oh, malasnya nak menulis.. But I have to, coz it's like the only way to activate my brain cells *literally*.

Ok, yesterday I watched Pisau Cukur on Astro BoxOffice and as we all know, astro will play each of its movies for more than just a couple of times and almost everytime they replayed Pisau Cukur, my mom, lil sis and I would sit and watch it. Why? It's damn funny! That's why..

Maya Karin and Fazura both look stunning in that movie. All the actors played their parts really well, the storyline is excellently structured and the script is full of humor and very spontaneous. It's so giddy it makes you feel happy just to watch it.

We especially love Rafidah 3R who acted as receptionist in that movie. She is great! Very sarcastic and really looked like an annoyed and bored spa worker. Ayat dia memang best... Too bad I could not upload Rafidah's part. So tengok la yea, kat BoxOffice 952 ;)

P/S: I wish I'm a better writer. Kalau blog obefiend, post ni layak masuk Blog Serius je.. Metroll pun tak layak. Takpe... I'll write better post next time ;)


hellioz said...

i'mma typical malaysian movie hater
best sgt ke cte neyh?
org ckp adnan sempit tu klaka
xklaka pon da tgk
tu pon tgk 1/3 je

zuliana_me said...

Haha... different people have different preferences. Pisau cukur sangat sesuai untuk gals la. Bcoz, sometimes when we hang out together, we love to act girlie, giddy and all. Rasa sgt happy macam tu.

Guys may not like it as much as girls do. But the humor is still applicable to guys too. It's a great movie for me especially that Bernard Chauly is the director. I'm not that complicated type of girl. Stupid cartoon/ movies like Spongebob, Simpsons/ Borat in that case, can make me laugh. How bout u, Nan?

hellioz said...

who's nan actually?
u've got the wrong person i guess...

zuliana_me said...

Wahaha.. yeah, i've got the wrong person. I thot u were my friend, Nanda when I saw the human right workshop poster. Nan is active in that kinda thing and he's a law student now. He was a mechanical engineer before. hehe..

hellioz said...

i used to be law student
then swerve away from the right path due to hedonism...
now, i've got no life

zuliana_me said...

LOL. hedonism.. perhaps bcoz u listen too much of Black eyed peas'..;)

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