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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Lesson Learned: Be Sensitive? Ermm..

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It has been quite sometimes since my last post. I had so much to share yet too lazy to write them down. Now that I finally have the time and strength to force my fingers dancing on the computer keyboard, I'm not wasting any time.

This week I've learned some very valuable lessons. 
Lesson: Be Sensitive.

Ceritanya begini... Last Friday I was bored to doom coz there was nothing to do at work since the replacement for the broken machines had not arrived yet. So, after cleaning the lab and finished a simple test, I went online, open my Facebook and start commenting at others' status...
I then saw 33 comments at my cousin Kina's status. It says something about hijab & the comments were actually a matured debate between Kina and a guy named Khabs.

Khabs believes that hijab is only compulsory for prophet Muhammad's wives and not for other Muslim women. He also says it is stated in Quran that women should cover their private parts; thus means private parts only. He says Al-Quran is complete you should not need Sunnah/ Hadis and if you believe in Sunnah and Hadis, it means you believe that Al-Quran is incomplete.

Based on his writing (he sometimes wrote in Malay) I firstly thought he was a muslim, which he's actually not. So, me being the Bimbo of the day, jokingly & sarcastically posted a comment on the status:

Wow. i can run naked down the road tomorrow morning, babe! Jogging to work while wearing only some leaves to cover my boobies & tutt... Then start a great naked day at work!

I wont be distracting anyone from doing their jobs.. They are not interested in that juggling things when they can see it, they would not wanna touch it.. The guys are more interested in covered girls, so if we become a nudist, it'd be more likely that guys wont touch me. Cool!

MEN...I know u r imagining what I just said. So screw you when you said "let the girls do whatever they what". Coz u dunno us & most of the time u guys r just speaking for you own benefits. I'm no good but I aint your bitch....
Hahahahaha...Aku... Emo... Echo... errrrrrr......dang
I honestly thought this was funny. A bit nasty in the end maybe. But you see, me being surrounded by people who can make fun of themselves, pull prank and provoke people while not being afraid of negative feedbacks had created BIMBOME. Thus, I tried to do the same without considering that this guy is not in my circle of connection thus he could not take my comment. It ended by him calling me a tin kosong, budak hingusan yang masih menetek kat mak, muntah sana-sini and he said I must must be 13. I said i was 5...haha! ;p

Thus, the morals of the story are:
1) Ones should be resistive enough towards negative comments and trolls if they wish to post something in public, online, and open. What do you expect from something so global and open? If you encounter someone like me and wish to shut her up, say it nicely or do it sarcastically and spicy. Atleast these would work. (Especially when she is not even talking to you)

2) I should be more sensitive:
People neither think the same way nor are they necessarily in the same mood as I at certain time. So, whenever I do something that might hurt somebody, I should apologize. Which I did in the above case but he called me "orang kurang ajar berak keluar mulut". 
I've learned my lesson..;)

Khabs may be a good guy, it just that we happened to bump into each other at the wrong time / attitude. I'm sorry for that.
Ok, I hope you guys are having a great time! Lotsa loves..xxx


nabilazahin said...

WOW, u're so berani and that's what i love about u:D u go girl :D

zuliana_me said...

Hi, nabs! Hehe... Maybe I should be more considerate by apologizing (I did) but I can't just change myself because of this. I like to provoke people.. haha..espeacially someone yang cepat melatah.. EVIL ZOO! ;p

nabilazahin said...

nah, u dun hv to change that, i think it's one of ur unique attributes..:D i like that quality in u, eceh:D

zuliana_me said...

Hehe,thanks Nabby. I dun wana change. I love myself like this. I like ur cheerful personality also. It makes others smile with you.
Btw, Khabs and I also already cool now.

zuliana_me said...

haha.. sorry, grammatical errors in the above comment. ngeh ngeh...;p

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