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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mamat Bangla & Malaysian School Girl.

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This thing happened 9 years ago when I was in Form 3. My classmates and I were on our way back from Perpustakaan Negara (PMR’s compulsory project). We were waiting for the rain to stop in front of a shopping mall in KL when suddenly a mamat Bangla came approaching us. He gave a piece of folded newspaper to Nabila (my close friend) and asked her hand for marriage.

Damn that guy. Baru jumpe boleh pulak cakap macam tu. Kat budak sekolah pulak tu… No wonder why there are many Malaysian school girls went eloped with Mamat Indon, Bangla etc. Because of this kinda thing!

Thank god we had brains and absolutely not desperate. Nabila was not comfortable so I scolded that guy by telling him that I’m Nabby’s big sister (not that he would have believe it). That Mamat Bangla was still tailing us and ogled Nabby from afar.

I wished Nadia, Nabby’s cool twin sister were there. We should have called a police but still had some pity on that desperate-to-get-a-permit guy. Some of my friends said not to open the folded paper as they afraid it may contained some jampi thingy… Hehe… so we didn’t. I still wonder what was inside the folded paper or it was just a piece of paper with his name and contact number on it. Maybe he was just trying his luck hitting on Malaysian school girls. Who knows if he was lucky enough, he would have a Malaysian girl as wife but failed to get green card, dumped the wife and went back to Bangla. Wahaha…

PS: I dun have the pic right now but this week, I’ll put the pics of my ex-classmate during raya reunion at Najhi’s house, Bandar Tun Hussein Onn.

Also, I’m going to rebuild my blog this weekend coz it looks so boring. I’m going to dress it up nicely, prettily ;)


Anonymous said...

hahaha maan,those bangla people takleh tgk gadis2 melayu yg ayu kot. tu yg diorg try market. haha takleh blah lah die asked your friend's hand to marry her :D

u're blog looks super nice already bytheway :)

zuliana_me said...

haha..memang tak boleh blah!
My blog is nice? thanks. Yeke, maybe this suits my age.. TUA. hehe..

Anonymous said...

haha tak tua pun lah.
24y.o is a good age where we are supposed to battle it out in our life.

em , takut plak nak reach 24 -.-"

zuliana_me said...

Takut nak reach 24 sbb takut the battles / takut tua?! Wahaha..

Yeah, perlu banyak berusaha. Berusaha!

nabilazahin said...

lol u still remember zu?? hebat la memori ko..haihh, kepala aku ni, ntah ape la yg tinggal skrg, byk mende pun aku dh x igt sgt..tsk tsk.

anyways..hahaah this got me laughing real hard!:p giler tkt time tu..consider time tu ko mmg saviour aku r sbb time tu ko mmg brani gler hahah:D dah ler dmam..kene usha ngan mamat yg scary plaks haha..rindu la time dolu2 :D

(baru smpat nk meng-updatekan diri dgn mbaca blog ko..hai zu :D)

zuliana said...

Hehe... br perasan comment ko di sini. Of coz aku ingat. Benda paling kelakar babe.. Hehehe.. Gila menakutkan mamat bangla tu. Skrg kalo aku nmpk mat bangla ngn budak melayu, aku akan ingat kat ko. Image melekat! tehe~~

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