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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Senile girl & Hot Guy ;p

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So yea, memang aku mudah terpengaruh dengan drama/ movie. Aku selalu berangan-angan dan mengaitkan hidup aku dengan movie yang aku tengok. My girlfriends know well how I love to create bubbles of fairytales around me...;)

Sejak akhir-akhir ini, disebabkan penggunaan otak di tahap yang sangat minimum, aku mula jadi pelupa. Macam tak cukup huru-hara hidup aku yang kelam kabut ni. Tapi sekarang dalam proses recovery. Hehe...

Talking about senile, have you ever watched “A moment to remember”- Korean movie? (Ade orang ke baca blog ni? haha…) Anyway, it’s about a beautiful but troubled lady who initially wanted to elope with her lover who was somebody else’s husband. However, her married lover never showed up as planned because he could not leave his wife. The broken hearted lady came back to her family and started a new better life. She later met a super macho construction worker, fell in love and they got married. The guy later became a successful architect and the girl went senile. The End. (hehe..sila tonton sendiri)

It’s a very sweet story that makes girls go Auwww…. Because her husband is super sweet…;-) seperti yang ku inginkan...bubble bubble...

Oleh itu, aku nak menulis novel pendek berdasarkan hidup aku baru-baru ni. Jadi, jika anda rajin boleh la bersama-sama baca di bawah:

Senile but Sweet:

It was our first meeting since he got back from Johor. I love the view that night, the view you are expected to see when go out in KL after Maghreb. Full of lights, especially now that Christmas was just around the corner. We walked hand-in-hand in the mall, didn’t know exactly what to do but kept walking until our feet hurt. I wanted to draw some cash, so we went to the nearest ATM machine. Suddenly, I couldn’t get my card out of the ATM machine. I with no permit dismissed all the people who queued behind me by declaring the machine just swallowed my card. I called Haikal who was standing a few feet away out load. He walked calmly towards me who obviously was in a very critical level of ‘kabutness’.

“I can’t get my card of this stupid machine…” I said.
“You already took the money?” asked Haikal.
“Yes, only the card stuck in this machine” I said.
“Erm… Isn’t the card supposed to come out first, then the money?” said Haikal as if he already used to this kind of situation ‘with me’…

I bite my lip as I realized that I already put my ATM card safely in my wallet. (Huhu… memang kecoh!)

Later that night, I once again forgot to take my parking card out of its machine. I felt so senile and sengal thus I distanced myself away from Haikal and told him that he should stay away from a senile girl like me. Haikal held my hand tight instead, didn’t want to let me go despites my continuous resistance. I loved it. Him.

Senile with Friend:

I received his message right after I got out of my office. It was 5.35 pm and he wanted to meet. It has been a long time since the last we saw of each other. I drove my car to the place we both had agreed on. Tesco. I parked at the easiest-to-be-seen parking lot next to Tesco. Iskandar told me he had already arrived but I could not see him anywhere nearby. My cellphone was already out of battery so I went to the nearest public phone to call Iskandar.

“Hey, I’m at Tesco already. Where are you?” I asked.
“I’m at Tesco too but I can’t see you,” said Iskandar.
“I’m near the Perodua building,” I said.
“Hey, that’s not Tesco… That’s Giant. It’s ok, I go there to you,” said Iskandar.

I bent slightly to my left only to see the BIG word GIANT on the building, behind the phone booth. Now just above my head. Damn… (kesengalan yang ternyata!)

P/S: I wanna to be with a guy (hopefully Feizal Muhalim) who will stay by me everytime I have my "alzheimer" episode. Macam tu..memang ramai la jawabnye. My sweet friends & family... ;)


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