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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday Night Out with Katak.

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This weekends was fun... Mainly because my lil bro was home & I finally got the reason to go out. Saya perlukan geng yang setia untuk keluar supaya tidak bosan..

So, on Saturday night we went to uptown Danau Kota. All I can say is, there were a lot & lotsa people... I hated the smokers who didn't care less about other people & we (my sis & I) were the ones who had to hold our breaths when they walked next to us. Tolonglah...

I thought I'd be back home empty-handed when I finally saw this pink dress with belt (lupa pakai belt dalam gambar di atas). After that we went lepak at Old Town Danau Kota. Makan2 sambil buat lawak bodoh tak berasas sememangnya menyeronokan. Jam menunjukkan 2.30 pagi, si kecil dah ngantok, kami pun balik...

Erm... looking at my pic above, I'm now agreed the reason my friends call me Katak. Big round bulging eyes... Hurmm..that sounds scary.


nabilazahin said...

haha tak scary pun zuu, comel ler..mata besar2, leh jegil2 kat laki/bf kalo die menggatal dgn pompan lain:p

zuliana_me said...

hahaha... yela... betull... aku mmg slalu buat mcm tu pun..huhu..

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