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Monday, October 19, 2009

'Into the Wild'- life from a different angle.

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'Into the Wild' is a 2007 movie directed by Sean Penn & by far to me one of the most beautiful movies ever, in a line with Benjamin Button. 'Into the Wild' is based on the true story about a guy named Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch), a fresh college graduate who was blessed with a good life but broken family. In the search for the true meaning of happiness, Christopher McCandless left his parents, loving younger sister, wealth and the chance to Harvard for the once in a life time adventure.

'In the Wild' showed me how life is from a different angle, Christopher McCandless neither cared what others might think about him nor was he bounded by the culture which bear to materialistic society. Inspired by books which later turned him into an anti-social, Chris developed the loves for nature but in time also diminished the love for people.

It was winter when Chris arrived in Alaska, two years after he left home. He discovered a magic bus in which he lived for the next 100 days. Chris was really happy for being able to experience the adventure & accomplished his goal to live& survive in Alaska for a few months. It was summer and Chris packed his bag to return to his family and to live normal life. The rivers had already melted by this time and Chris couldn't cross it. He was trapped In the Wild...

Christoper Johnson McCandless: 1968-1992.
Adventure: 1990-1992.

'Into the Wild' is a great & meaningful movie everyone should watch it!


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