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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I wanna be free, I wanna fly.

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Three days ago, I watched 'Into The Wild' as Feizal told me that the movie was great. Yeah, indeed, it really is... I was really shocked to know how the story ended & the fact that it's based on true story.

'Into The Wild' is a very honest & incredible story of a freshly graduated college student named Alex who left his wealthy but broken family, little sister that he loved & normal life that he had. He took what's called the once in a life time adventure; he burnt his money, dumped his old car & then lived in the woods. His ultimate goal was to live & survive alone in Alaska for a 100 days. He was really braved but he took it way too far, until he lost...

Ok, I'll do the movie review on the next post coz now it about the value in the story that I would like to share. I really wanna be free, do what ever You Want without worrying about what other people would think. The might as well think you crazy. but who cares... A lot of people already think I'm crazy sometimes...(erm...really..??)

Or maybe not. I'm not that adventurous anymore... (I used to be..)

I wanna live my life without people keep telling me what I should do & what I shouldn't.

To have love, I have to obey.
To be happy, I then have to suffer.
When alone, there is no love?
When left alone, it is no better.

Why do I have to try really hard to have someone to love me? If the love is sincere, it shouldn't be this hard etc... maybe I can love the nature & hope nature will love me back.

Maybe tomorrow morning I have to start talking to the plants so they'll nourish, at least I know they won't talk back to me... I won't even hoping for that to happen.

Ok, dah mula merapu dah... but yeah, I really wanna fly. I'll love myself if there is no one wanna love me sincerely. I already do..;)

Haha, I'm not..
Yes, indeed I am.

P/S: I don't wanna postpone my works & I wanna read more books & accomplish more things!


nabilazahin said...

hey zu, kami sayang ko seadanyer. cmner pun ko, kami tetap sayaaaanggg *wink wink*

zuliana_me said...

hehe..thx much nabby.. sayang kamu juge...;)

Narcoleptic Insomniac said...

Heyya, just wanted to thank you for being a blog follower. I really appreciate it :)

zuliana_me said...

Haha, yea..you are welcome..;)

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