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Thursday, October 08, 2009

How to start doing charity.

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I tried to find the answer from the internet but none is what i'm looking for. Most of them talk about legal charity & funding. I'm not there yet, I should start my baby step first. Then i remembered the story that my mom told me about a lady who opened a charity home for single mom with sick/ disabled children or hospital patients who have no place to go after their treatment.

The lady was a typical housewife but she had a very nice & loving husband who did almost all the works (working, financial, children's edu...) coz he didn't want to burden her.

Until one day her husband suddenly dissapeared. He didn't take any of his personal belongings along with him & no one ever hear a thing from him again. People then assumed that he might be lost & dead.

It was a really tough time she had to go through when all this while she had her husband did almost all the things, except housework, for her. She got herself a job & in the struggling time, she started doing charity. It was while her way out of a hospital when she saw a woman; ex-patient, with a child that had no place to go. She invited the lady to live with her, she didn't think much that time & did according to her instinct.

More single mothers with sick/ disabled children came to live with her. The charity home is now getting bigger as there are increasing number of people in the house as well as donations from public. Mom who read about this lady & the charity home on newspaper also start donating.

May Allah bless that strong & very nice lady.


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