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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Chef Wan & why we (I) love him!

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This morning, when I was doing my routine as a "penanam anggur": lazing on the couch kept changing the tv channel... (yeah, the only game that I play is remote control & I'm loving it! Screw PS1,2,3,4...).

I suddenly saw Chef Wan but he was dancing not cooking, quite of a dancer I dare say...haha..but seriously.
He certainly & successfully entertained all the people at the charity home (disabled people) as they were all smiling & laughing while dancing along with Chef Wan (moving their hands since most of them were on wheelchairs) with a lot of spontaneous jokes & responses. It was a very nice show: Ole-Ole Chef Wan.

Chef Wan talked with the residents there like:
How are you doing? Are you happy? You look so pretty. Are you married? You wanna marry me?

I smiled to see their shy shy reactions ;) as I would have the same response too... A resident, middle 30-year-old chinese woman said: "Happy la...jumpe Chef Wan... " "Kitorg susah tak boleh jalan, bosan..." It meant a lot to them that Chef Wan came to their home, entertained, cooked, talked, listened & dancing for them. They were dancing too.

I've always wanted to do this kinda charity but never really do it & keep wondering how to start doing it. It's a never ending question which I would like to stop now.

So next post will be on how to start doing charity. Yup, it feels great to see smile of happiness on people faces & you start to realize how grateful you should be for the life you have now.

P/S: I'm not a lazy bum. I clean the house& cook meals everyday... It's an effort towards becoming a better person, so does watching tv... hehe...

P/S/S: Subject on the previous post:
Old saudagar finally sold his share but for higher price... the company is just a baby & has no money but it's ok...at least now lotsa people are relieved and "Lelaki gila anak saudagar penipu" is not worth mentioning again, except for comedy;p
(Wow, i'm so mean...forgive me...)


Anonymous said...

my fren ask me to do charity for the homeless by cook for them..u wanna join?.but i also dont start it yet coz once u start , u hv to commit bcoz ppl there will look up for u...im quite busy during weekends

zuliana_me said...

wow, yeah. that's good. last time i saw advertisement for charity work at kajang. to cook & teach disabled ppl to take public transport. But it was far & i wasn't/ am not working yet. Huh...i hope i'll get work asap so i'll have money. Is that an excuse? I dunno...

andy said...

he is one of my idol. hehe *dream big*

zuliana_me said...

yeah, he dream big & work hard for it. "The sky is the limit". He knows how to have fun too...

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