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Monday, October 26, 2009

Be nice & be wild!

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Ok, I supposedly have an interview in Johor this Wednesday but I’m not sure if I’m going or not... I’m not allowed to drive alone to far places & Johor is definitely FAR… Even though my mom is ok about it, my dad still doesn't know about my plan: driving alone.

Huh, I always think that it’s really easy to be a guy… You dun have to worry about all these petty things. You can go wherever and whenever you want and do anything without have to be paranoid about your safety or care what other people might think. Guys can do crazy things & the worst that people will say is just: "Boys.." or "Jerk!". Then people will forget about it. (I can take that)

Girls can do that too… but then they’ll also have to bear the names and glares people will give them which then lead to the 0.1% chance to date the hottest guy at college. Hahahaha… if there is any… (I considered myself lucky because I used to fall for unique/ weird/ misterious guys, not just some good-looking dude...) So how about my bf? Lets not jump into that ;

I’ve always wanted to rollerblading like I used to when I was a kid. However, as you got older, people have higher expectation on how you behave yourselves and such. That means I should be feminine, presentable, soft-spoken, well-dressed and polite which are indeed very good qualities. But if you have to that almost all the time, then it's painful. Immatured me...

Maybe I should wear the monkey mask, riding a BMX & get crazy like in "She's a genius" a video by Jet.

Talking about wild, teringat Naima Mora. Punk hair with soft & cute personality. I really like her like REALLY.... but not in the creepy way. You can see why, can't you?


Kasapsky said...

"when you have nothing, you have nothing to fear" sometimes feel boring when you going wild and nobody cares. You will feel regrets later when not do what you desired. That's is true life. When you can do what others can't do, it feel like you are at summit. If you think you can do something weird but cool, just do it. Don't care about other people. You will feel pain when you don't do what you want to do. The important is be yourself. Cheer........

nabilazahin said...

yes zu, just be urself. dont be feminine because u have to do that or else ppl(boys) wont like u, i like u for who u r:D ko kooool:D heheh n yes, being lelaki mcm sng kan..they dont have to worry much in terms of aspects yg ko mentioned tu.

anyways, ko g johor ke? menyepi jek beberapa ari nih..

zuliana_me said...

Kasapsky: Thanks much... that's so true... I always regret things that I didn't have enuf guts to do... I shud just do it. Too much self-conscious. people actually don't even care...
Thank ya!

Nabila: Thanks nabs... I love u so much! Yup, x sempat nk update blog.. Plus,aku g tukar comment moderation aku kepada Never... coz i thot it'd be easier for reader to comment... sengal betul aku nih.. Luv u.. Muah!

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