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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Love is back again..;p

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About my previous post, the one that looked like a poem but not... Haha.. yeah... I've learnt something from that episode which is: "to not make your own assumption without asking /investigate first". On 6th raya, I went to Feizal's open house, it turned up that his phone pad was ragged so it's hard for him to sms. Plus, he has always preferred calls while i prefer sms. This is the pic taken before the open house. I came early bcoz we planned to go for a date later. He was being so nice & sweet... That night after our date, I met his big family at his house & I loved it.

P/S: Guys can be so insensitive/ ignorant sometimes, so instead of hoping & waiting for them to figure want is on our mind, we should just tell them directly. I've known this a long time ago, but I still did what I did.


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