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Friday, September 04, 2009

Food Paradise really got me!

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Not too long ago, I happened to watch Food Paradise on Travel Channel for the first time & it was AWESOME! (hehe, terasa diri sgt la jakun..tp x kesah la ;) That episode was about Burger, the reason why my lil sis & I made our own Burgers that night, took some pics, & post it on blog.hehe..excited giler. So recently, I watched Food Paradise-Ice cream. I've always loved ice cream & that show made me craved for it! It showed some of the best Ice cream paradises in the US. Great indeed... There were like 7 ice cream paradises that have great ice creams, unique identities ranging from old classic to modern style to cartoon to high class to....hihi, that's enuf..

Some even act like "Willy Wonka 'ice cream' factory"...hehe.. like Ben & Jerry’s (not really willy wonka but they do have great, cute, cartoon like shop/factory). The funniest thing is that Ben & Jerry’s even have their old recipes (which no longer in-use) buried at Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cemetery. When they feel like wanna use the recipes again, they’ll dig back the recipe so it’s like a zombi ice cream. However, after a week or so the recipe will go back into the grave (I dun think they really bury the recipes...they just put the tombs & took them off when the recipes are in-use, OF COURSE...;p). Yeah, crazy ideas do attract lotsa people & tourist, indeed....

I wonder how much cost did it take to produce such a great program...& more importantly, how much they made out of it. Ting ting ting...$$$$$$$$....hehe... I shud learn bout show business, just to gain knowledge. So go to these websites as they have lotsa interesting things you can see. Ben& Jerry’s website even have cute games that you can play.


Narcoleptic Insomniac said...

Hi... was just dropping by to say hi. cute blog!! Will definitely be dropping by often :)

zuliana_me said...

Hehe..thx much..;)

huda said...

hehey, those burger really made me super hungry, fluffy bun, juicy meat,pickles,cheese..argh and the trifel too..nk try la buat

zuliana_me said...

Hehe..super duper delicious.. Yeah, try la.. nnt aku pun nk main masak2 gak. ;)

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