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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Editorial & Project Manager? REALLY?

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It's 6.30am wednesday & I'm writing this post. I was a c
hemistry & polymer technology student but looking for other options too… I already went to 2 interviews now: Editorial & Project Manager.

1st interview: Editor at Reed Elsevier: interview + writing test + grammar test. I failed the writing test... despite that, I’m grateful I didn’t get the job coz I realize my English is not that excellent to actually correct the texts written by experts. (Sedar diri…;p) Thus, I’m currently trying to read more books & write on blog in way to improve my English.

2nd interview: Project manager! Let me just summarize this: Great interview but I rejected it. Why?? Coz they actually wanted to recruit sales people… The project manager post is just a way to attract people. I’ve knew this even before the interview thou. I just wanted to give it a try.
3rd interview: Negotiator at CIMB. I cancelled the interview coz the salary was based on individual target so I assumed that it was just like sales.

The above photos were taken from: google.com, elsevier logo, dilbert.com, and a blog: Bush the non-negotiator (sorry I didn't remember the exact address, thot i've put the link) Maaf saya buta IT... (I'm IT blind/idiot)haha...


Anonymous said...


polymer tech tu kt fkkksa?

i was polymer eng kt fkkksa..today am doing work not related to my background at all

zuliana_me said...

hi, there... really? hehe.. yes, i studied at fkkksa, utm skudai. btw, what's ur name? is there any chance that i know u?

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