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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Love is back again..;p

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About my previous post, the one that looked like a poem but not... Haha.. yeah... I've learnt something from that episode which is: "to not make your own assumption without asking /investigate first". On 6th raya, I went to Feizal's open house, it turned up that his phone pad was ragged so it's hard for him to sms. Plus, he has always preferred calls while i prefer sms. This is the pic taken before the open house. I came early bcoz we planned to go for a date later. He was being so nice & sweet... That night after our date, I met his big family at his house & I loved it.

P/S: Guys can be so insensitive/ ignorant sometimes, so instead of hoping & waiting for them to figure want is on our mind, we should just tell them directly. I've known this a long time ago, but I still did what I did.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why I needed drugs on the 3rd day of Eid...

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First of all, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri...maaf zahir batin.

Eid Mubarak this year was just like the other years in the past... lotsa foods... lotsa foods... I kept eating, I ate everything. On the third day of Eid, after came back from my aunt's house, I suddenly felt uneasy.

That's followed by a series of "running to the toilet to vomit" scene. I vomitted everything I ate until the next morning (sorry if now, u feel like vomit). I took panadols, the drugs.

My dad said most probably I have gastrik like him & my bro. I think, this usually happen when I'm period (I was). However, it got worst that day bcoz i drank the carbonated drinks served.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When you were the last one to come...

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This is not poem

I waited for your calls...
but it never came by...
I hesitated to send u a msg,
when the last one u haven't replied.

It was my birthday,
and for the 4th year,
U did not remember,
The next day, u said "sorry,I forgot".

U sent me an sms& I was so happy,
U talked bout ur works & ur daily life at uni,
I missed u like crazy,
and it's sad when only "crazy" is what people see.

When I needed u the most,
Why u were the last one to come....

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dr. Oz: How to live beyond 100& stay healthy.

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I’ve wanted to write this post since the last 2 weeks but I keep postponing things…but obviously not anymore… Congratulation! ;)

Ok, during Dr. Oz’s last appearance with Dan Buettner on Oprah, they talk about this particular topic: How to life 100 and beyond. Dan Buettner is a freelance writer for National Geographic & spent seven years researching his book The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who've Lived the Longest. As it is mentioned on Oprah.com: “Residents of the blue zones regularly exercise, tend their gardens, are active members of their communities, eat delicious food and even have sex!”

Blue Zone No. 1: Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Dan Buettner together with Dr. Oz had to go through a very adventurous journey in order to get there. Nicoya Peninsula is located deep in the rainforest with hundreds of centurions lived there healthily. The secrets are lifestyle & hard water. How so?

1st: Lifestyle. People in Nicoya Peninsula are poor, they don’t have any food processor, vacuum/ stove etc which left them do all the works manually like in the old times. However, all these are found to be as a good exercise for them. They also eat organically; they just get all the fruits & veges from their backyards… nice!

2nd: Hard water. The water gained from the nearest waterfall contains higher amount of calcium and magnesium which helps to build strong bones. In Malaysia as well as other developed countries, we usually eliminate the natural minerals in our water before being distributed for daily uses. This is because of its tendency to cause mineral buildup in water pipe and heating systems, and its poor soap and/or detergent performance when compared with soft water. The minerals in hard water react with soap to form a curd.

The most shocking/ great thing is: At Loma Rica, a surgeon, Dr. Ellworth still go into the OR and perform heart surgery at the age of 94-years-old, a vegan, no milk, no eggs, and no insomnia. Not only he looked good, he felt great & happy with his wife!

There are other 3 Blue Zones (Sardinia, Italy; Okinawa, Japan and Loma Rica, Southern California)which basically are just over the same thing: Live life healthy!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Editorial & Project Manager? REALLY?

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It's 6.30am wednesday & I'm writing this post. I was a c
hemistry & polymer technology student but looking for other options too… I already went to 2 interviews now: Editorial & Project Manager.

1st interview: Editor at Reed Elsevier: interview + writing test + grammar test. I failed the writing test... despite that, I’m grateful I didn’t get the job coz I realize my English is not that excellent to actually correct the texts written by experts. (Sedar diri…;p) Thus, I’m currently trying to read more books & write on blog in way to improve my English.

2nd interview: Project manager! Let me just summarize this: Great interview but I rejected it. Why?? Coz they actually wanted to recruit sales people… The project manager post is just a way to attract people. I’ve knew this even before the interview thou. I just wanted to give it a try.
3rd interview: Negotiator at CIMB. I cancelled the interview coz the salary was based on individual target so I assumed that it was just like sales.

The above photos were taken from: google.com, elsevier logo, dilbert.com, and a blog: Bush the non-negotiator (sorry I didn't remember the exact address, thot i've put the link) Maaf saya buta IT... (I'm IT blind/idiot)haha...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sunway Pryamid & dinner buffet.

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Last week I had a buka gathering with my ex-unimates at Sunway Pyramid. It was fun. However, since I didn’t how to get there from Wangsa Maju, I met Fafa & followed her car. Earlier that day, I had asked my sis-in law for road direction but the problem was: I DUNNO any of the signs / roads she mentioned…even federal highway. That’s so lame..LOL..

Then my dad told me to use MRR2 which I was very familiar with & meet Fafa at R&R Awan Besar. Apabila sampai di Shell Awan Besar seperti yg dirancang, aku ternampak keta Kelisa oren macam keta Fafa di depanku. Aku ingat tulah Fafa, aku pun ikut keta itu dgn rapat & kemudian parking di sebelahnye iaitu di hadapan tandas lelaki, menghadap pintu yg terbuka luas. Tibe2 seorg lelaki yg tidak aku kenali keluar dari kereta Kelisa tersebut & memandang aku dgn perasaan curiga bercampur risau … haha… Aku dgn x berape segan, terus mengeluarkan keta aku dr kotak parking, tiba2 ade org horn. Keta MyVi baru berwarna merah yg cantik dgn Fafa di dlmnye. Hahaha… aku merasakan diriku sengal… (ape maksud sengal yg sebenarnye? Aku terikut org ckap. Mcm perkataan poyo yg pernah aku guna kat sekolah dulu walaupun x tau maknanye yg sahih..

Fafa & I went shopping at JJ as we arrived at Sunway Pyramid. I loved it. I bought a t-shirt & pants. We ate buka at Hartz with Huda S, Huda R, Za, Najm & Comel. I 1stly thought the buffet costs rm78/head so I keep on eating as much as I can & tried to make my stomach explode. Rupenye rm26..Tapi tauke tu x ruginye ssb aku banyak makan buah-buahan je..

Lepas makan, kitorg g tengok Final Destination 3D…haha, first time for me. Nice. Tapi aku terpaksa pakai double specs la, so jd sgt x selesa…

Masa nak balik, aku sesat nak cari keta kat parking. I blame myself! Lame giler, sedangkan aku parking betul2x depan entrance level tu.. Pak guards yang sgt baik hati tolong carikan keta. Fafa, Huda, Za & Huda R tunggu aku kat keta diorg & tak nak blk walaupun aku dah suruh. (aku ingtkan diorg dh keluar..rupenye still kat parking tunggu aku lama2 tu. Thx so much!). Yg x boleh blah, I told the guard that my car no. is WNN 4884 which is wrong! Actually it’s WPG 4884…teruk giler, terconfius ngn keta mak. Aku rupenye parking kat L2...bukan L1, biasanye aku tulis tapi hari tu aku xtulis aku ingt aku blh hafal... huhu..Pastu aku berkali-kali berterima kasih pada pak guard & doakan mereka panjang umur, bahagia dunia akhirat & murah rezeki...

That day I really had fun & realized how grateful I should be to have frens like them… I’m really grateful ;)

Friday, September 04, 2009

Food Paradise really got me!

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Not too long ago, I happened to watch Food Paradise on Travel Channel for the first time & it was AWESOME! (hehe, terasa diri sgt la jakun..tp x kesah la ;) That episode was about Burger, the reason why my lil sis & I made our own Burgers that night, took some pics, & post it on blog.hehe..excited giler. So recently, I watched Food Paradise-Ice cream. I've always loved ice cream & that show made me craved for it! It showed some of the best Ice cream paradises in the US. Great indeed... There were like 7 ice cream paradises that have great ice creams, unique identities ranging from old classic to modern style to cartoon to high class to....hihi, that's enuf..

Some even act like "Willy Wonka 'ice cream' factory"...hehe.. like Ben & Jerry’s (not really willy wonka but they do have great, cute, cartoon like shop/factory). The funniest thing is that Ben & Jerry’s even have their old recipes (which no longer in-use) buried at Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cemetery. When they feel like wanna use the recipes again, they’ll dig back the recipe so it’s like a zombi ice cream. However, after a week or so the recipe will go back into the grave (I dun think they really bury the recipes...they just put the tombs & took them off when the recipes are in-use, OF COURSE...;p). Yeah, crazy ideas do attract lotsa people & tourist, indeed....

I wonder how much cost did it take to produce such a great program...& more importantly, how much they made out of it. Ting ting ting...$$$$$$$$....hehe... I shud learn bout show business, just to gain knowledge. So go to these websites as they have lotsa interesting things you can see. Ben& Jerry’s website even have cute games that you can play.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

My Convo & H1N1

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It has been quite some times since my last post. Eventhough my convocation took place on 15th Aug 2009 (yeah2x..last month) I still wanna talk about it. WHY?
This is why:-

We were initially told to wear mask while on stage receiving our scroll but thanks to Sultanah, she said we dun have to. Other wise, our pics on stage will be like the one above.


I went to UTM, Skudai on August 13, 2009 to settle a few things such as taking the convo robe, go to CEPP to discuss about the PhD and job offer (which I finally declined due to the time frame to do the PhD with the amount of salary (rm1500) that I couldn't bear myself to have for the next 3years)& still I would have to pay the study fees myself...

However the main reasons are bcoz I don't think I can survive live alone in Johor, far from my family, frens & love one for such a long time...Plus, I'm not planning on doing PhD at this moment, I would rather do a second degree in other field of study.

Still, I'm very grateful & thankful to the people at CEPP for considering my job application & gave me the opportunity to work with them& do PhD. They are really nice indeed..

I wore mask & didn't spend much time lingering around the convo site but I still had fever later which was believed due to the hot weather. Feizal (my love,hehe ;) didn't allow me to go back KL alone plus I was too weak to drive so I had to wait for him. I stayed at Umu's room before moved to Melah's house. I stranded in Johor for a week, sick & weak. Syukur alhamdulillah dah baik demam masa sampai umah.
P/S: Biggest thank you to Feizal, Umu, Melah & frens... My Allah bless them.