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Sunday, August 09, 2009

My own book reviews

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On 31st July 2009, I went to the career fair held at Mid Valley alone. Too bad it wasn't anything as I expected... but still, it was fine..(thank god I bumped into Nina & Rai). I went to MPH after all the job seeking, resumes drop-in & lunch with the girls. It was then when I saw this book that I've always wanted to read but never had the time, money/ chance to... (or it just a matter of keep throwing excuses..)

The book entitled "Does my head look big in this?".
The book is as strong and brave as the title is. Usually when I read a book, I will have an "A'ah moment" (often a few times) which tells me that something is just not right... it can be either because of the ridiculous/ preposterous story line, the stupid conversations or anything else... However to my suprise, I did not have an ""A'ah moment" while reading this book... I may had only read 1/3 of the book during the 40 minutes spent at MPH, but I really think that is enough to tell me how gud the book is... (I would be sorry if it's actually not..haha)

Since I'm now a "full-timer nanny/ maid" at home, I forced myself to read some books so my brain will stay healthy & I wont be senile so soon... hahaha... At this moment, I prefer to read the "easy & light teenage books" that needs no much thinking but jokes and fun all the way.

My fave is " Dear dumb diary".. ( it's not even written for teenager...it's for kids...) It's so funny I lmao! hahhaa.. (I finally know what lmao means...laugh my ass off). "The baby sitting wars" is not so bad also...but i bet it's written for 6-12-year-old though..lol.. It's late already...I'm heading to bed...till next time! Muah!


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