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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Listen back to Hanson!

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Hanson is great, indeed & they got better as they got older... cuter also.. Oh, how I love Taylor... always with his long blond hair... Isaac is a great song writer and as u can see, he's very handsome now...so does Zac ( i just cant believe that he's actually a year older than I am!) Now they are all happily married with children..hehe..

Started off with "Middle of Nowhere" in 1997, Hanson which initially known as The Hanson Brothers managed to win lotsa awards through the infamous "MmmBop" and other songs such as "I will be there". Now, Hanson still continue their musics & created their own recording company named 3CG which stands for Three Car Garage.

They did "The Walk" in 2007 which is basically an activity that combined walk & talk (It's like a charity call, they walk and spread the words of peace to people they met, also to promote their new album with a song for aids child victims in africa). Yeah...they are great, they made my heart melt...yes, indeed!

I also love "This time around- Letterbox" which is the above song, "If Only", "Where's the love" and many more... I really hope they will come out with new great songs any sooner. It'd be great & I will support them! hehe..


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