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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Senile girl & Hot Guy ;p

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So yea, memang aku mudah terpengaruh dengan drama/ movie. Aku selalu berangan-angan dan mengaitkan hidup aku dengan movie yang aku tengok. My girlfriends know well how I love to create bubbles of fairytales around me...;)

Sejak akhir-akhir ini, disebabkan penggunaan otak di tahap yang sangat minimum, aku mula jadi pelupa. Macam tak cukup huru-hara hidup aku yang kelam kabut ni. Tapi sekarang dalam proses recovery. Hehe...

Talking about senile, have you ever watched “A moment to remember”- Korean movie? (Ade orang ke baca blog ni? haha…) Anyway, it’s about a beautiful but troubled lady who initially wanted to elope with her lover who was somebody else’s husband. However, her married lover never showed up as planned because he could not leave his wife. The broken hearted lady came back to her family and started a new better life. She later met a super macho construction worker, fell in love and they got married. The guy later became a successful architect and the girl went senile. The End. (hehe..sila tonton sendiri)

It’s a very sweet story that makes girls go Auwww…. Because her husband is super sweet…;-) seperti yang ku inginkan...bubble bubble...

Oleh itu, aku nak menulis novel pendek berdasarkan hidup aku baru-baru ni. Jadi, jika anda rajin boleh la bersama-sama baca di bawah:

Senile but Sweet:

It was our first meeting since he got back from Johor. I love the view that night, the view you are expected to see when go out in KL after Maghreb. Full of lights, especially now that Christmas was just around the corner. We walked hand-in-hand in the mall, didn’t know exactly what to do but kept walking until our feet hurt. I wanted to draw some cash, so we went to the nearest ATM machine. Suddenly, I couldn’t get my card out of the ATM machine. I with no permit dismissed all the people who queued behind me by declaring the machine just swallowed my card. I called Haikal who was standing a few feet away out load. He walked calmly towards me who obviously was in a very critical level of ‘kabutness’.

“I can’t get my card of this stupid machine…” I said.
“You already took the money?” asked Haikal.
“Yes, only the card stuck in this machine” I said.
“Erm… Isn’t the card supposed to come out first, then the money?” said Haikal as if he already used to this kind of situation ‘with me’…

I bite my lip as I realized that I already put my ATM card safely in my wallet. (Huhu… memang kecoh!)

Later that night, I once again forgot to take my parking card out of its machine. I felt so senile and sengal thus I distanced myself away from Haikal and told him that he should stay away from a senile girl like me. Haikal held my hand tight instead, didn’t want to let me go despites my continuous resistance. I loved it. Him.

Senile with Friend:

I received his message right after I got out of my office. It was 5.35 pm and he wanted to meet. It has been a long time since the last we saw of each other. I drove my car to the place we both had agreed on. Tesco. I parked at the easiest-to-be-seen parking lot next to Tesco. Iskandar told me he had already arrived but I could not see him anywhere nearby. My cellphone was already out of battery so I went to the nearest public phone to call Iskandar.

“Hey, I’m at Tesco already. Where are you?” I asked.
“I’m at Tesco too but I can’t see you,” said Iskandar.
“I’m near the Perodua building,” I said.
“Hey, that’s not Tesco… That’s Giant. It’s ok, I go there to you,” said Iskandar.

I bent slightly to my left only to see the BIG word GIANT on the building, behind the phone booth. Now just above my head. Damn… (kesengalan yang ternyata!)

P/S: I wanna to be with a guy (hopefully Feizal Muhalim) who will stay by me everytime I have my "alzheimer" episode. Macam tu..memang ramai la jawabnye. My sweet friends & family... ;)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

‘Yes Man’ me please! - lone ranger in danger.

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I need a major change in my life and in order to do that I need to start saying YES.

Before I jump into the ‘Yes Man’ thingy, I first wo
uld like to explain the reasons why I need to change and what have caused it. I consider myself a lone ranger and I’m now ashamed to admit that I was proud of it.

During my secondary school, I mingled with everyone but have only one best friend at a certain time (Adibah, Mahzuz, Hazrina and Feizal). If my best friend was absent or moved to other school, I would feel very lonely, scared and insecure. My mind would wander to other places except the place where I really was. I would feel lost and wouldn’t pay much attention to other people or what happened around me. I wasn't living the moment. However, if my best friend was there with me, I would feel safe, at ease, and be the happy-go-lucky side of me that mingled with everyone.
Things got worse when I was studying at Matriculation College; I was always seen walking alone and looking depressed though I never admitted it. I kept telling myself I was happy that way… Indeed, I really talked to myself.

“You are crazy, why are you talking to me?”
“I’m not crazy, I don’t find it wrong talking to myself…”
“It’s not wrong, unless if you are saying it out loud and use ‘YOU & I’ referring to yourself.”

I was not crazy at that time. I chose to be like that. I chose to be the loner, the weirdo and chose to double my identity. I chose to believe the lie that I told myself “I am happy to be alone” which then caused me to build a wall between me and other people, separating us even further.

I was not like that all the time. I was a very active kid during primary school & still active later but my attitude changed in times. I was very girly and gedik in primary, a tomboy in secondary and a weido in matriculation. I was searching for an identity which seemed to be very important to almost all teenagers.

(Gambar hiasan untuk tujuan menceriakan blog)

Ceria tak? hehe... ;)

Even though I’m not a loner anymore and already accepted myself as a “unique and happy” person, I have yet another problem to solve, that is my "NO MAN" attitude and it's definitely not "I don't want a man" attitude... but rather a negative response.

I always declined offers to hang out with my friends or go to my cousins’ houses. Sometimes I have solid excuses, sometimes I reall y don’t. I just wanna lepak at home and do nothing. That’s a very bad attitude, I know and I’m not happy about it. That’s why I believe I have to start saying YES so I’ll be a happier person and can experience more things with many people and SHARE THE LOVE...babeh! ;)

I have watched "YES MAN" like 100 times and never get bored of it! I love Jim Carrey & the cute Zooey Deschanel.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Be nice & be wild!

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Ok, I supposedly have an interview in Johor this Wednesday but I’m not sure if I’m going or not... I’m not allowed to drive alone to far places & Johor is definitely FAR… Even though my mom is ok about it, my dad still doesn't know about my plan: driving alone.

Huh, I always think that it’s really easy to be a guy… You dun have to worry about all these petty things. You can go wherever and whenever you want and do anything without have to be paranoid about your safety or care what other people might think. Guys can do crazy things & the worst that people will say is just: "Boys.." or "Jerk!". Then people will forget about it. (I can take that)

Girls can do that too… but then they’ll also have to bear the names and glares people will give them which then lead to the 0.1% chance to date the hottest guy at college. Hahahaha… if there is any… (I considered myself lucky because I used to fall for unique/ weird/ misterious guys, not just some good-looking dude...) So how about my bf? Lets not jump into that ;

I’ve always wanted to rollerblading like I used to when I was a kid. However, as you got older, people have higher expectation on how you behave yourselves and such. That means I should be feminine, presentable, soft-spoken, well-dressed and polite which are indeed very good qualities. But if you have to that almost all the time, then it's painful. Immatured me...

Maybe I should wear the monkey mask, riding a BMX & get crazy like in "She's a genius" a video by Jet.

Talking about wild, teringat Naima Mora. Punk hair with soft & cute personality. I really like her like REALLY.... but not in the creepy way. You can see why, can't you?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday Night Out with Katak.

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This weekends was fun... Mainly because my lil bro was home & I finally got the reason to go out. Saya perlukan geng yang setia untuk keluar supaya tidak bosan..

So, on Saturday night we went to uptown Danau Kota. All I can say is, there were a lot & lotsa people... I hated the smokers who didn't care less about other people & we (my sis & I) were the ones who had to hold our breaths when they walked next to us. Tolonglah...

I thought I'd be back home empty-handed when I finally saw this pink dress with belt (lupa pakai belt dalam gambar di atas). After that we went lepak at Old Town Danau Kota. Makan2 sambil buat lawak bodoh tak berasas sememangnya menyeronokan. Jam menunjukkan 2.30 pagi, si kecil dah ngantok, kami pun balik...

Erm... looking at my pic above, I'm now agreed the reason my friends call me Katak. Big round bulging eyes... Hurmm..that sounds scary.

Friday, October 23, 2009


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Tak tau nape aku malas sangat dua tiga hari ni. Nak tulis dalam blog tapi asyik tangguh je, lagipun tak sure nak merepek pasal apa. Semalam, disebabkan kemalasan yg teramat sgt, aku tido kol 9mlm sampai kol 10pagi ni... (sambung lepas solat subuh & masak breakfast jap la)

Pagi tadi aku mimpi pelik gila "BULU HIDUNG MENJADI PANJANG".

(Ok, in that dream, mine was not as gross as this one okay......;)

Masa tu aku ade kat sebuah hotel mewah & baru nak keluar dari kolam renang.
Aku pun amik towel aku untuk keringkan rambut & cover lemak berlebihan yg akan nampak bila pakai baju berenang yg tight... taktik yg biasa aku guna.. (atleast aku sedar diri...huhu..)
Tiba-tiba aku terasa ade bulu yang panjang terkeluar dari hidung aku. Terus aku cover ngan towel & lari cari cermin. Gosh, panjang giler xleh blah!

Yang pelikye, aku tak balik hotel room pun. Instead, aku pegi merayau kat pasar malam sebelah hotel aku untuk cari gunting. Aku pun pakai towel kat kepala mcm pakai purdah (for the obvious reason & supaya tak nampak pelik).

Satu kedai pun x jual gunting, sampai la kat kedai yg last sekali jual perkakas dapur.... Akhirnya aku jumpa gunting & cermin untuk potong bulu hidungku yg panjang & memalukan. (Aku nak potong kat gerai tu gak, maybe sbb tuan punya kedai xde pun kat situ..huhu..)

Tiba-tiba terdengar suara mak aku yang tak berapa nyaring:
"Nana, dah kol bape ni tak bangun2. Baju tak jemur, rumah x vacuum & mop lagi..... semalam dh tido lama.."

Since my mom's office is very near & directly infront of our condo, she can actually see if I already jemur baju/ belum...

Ok, post yang menggelikan & merapu dah pun tamat.... Ok, I wanna go check my nose ;)

Monday, October 19, 2009

'Into the Wild'- life from a different angle.

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'Into the Wild' is a 2007 movie directed by Sean Penn & by far to me one of the most beautiful movies ever, in a line with Benjamin Button. 'Into the Wild' is based on the true story about a guy named Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch), a fresh college graduate who was blessed with a good life but broken family. In the search for the true meaning of happiness, Christopher McCandless left his parents, loving younger sister, wealth and the chance to Harvard for the once in a life time adventure.

'In the Wild' showed me how life is from a different angle, Christopher McCandless neither cared what others might think about him nor was he bounded by the culture which bear to materialistic society. Inspired by books which later turned him into an anti-social, Chris developed the loves for nature but in time also diminished the love for people.

It was winter when Chris arrived in Alaska, two years after he left home. He discovered a magic bus in which he lived for the next 100 days. Chris was really happy for being able to experience the adventure & accomplished his goal to live& survive in Alaska for a few months. It was summer and Chris packed his bag to return to his family and to live normal life. The rivers had already melted by this time and Chris couldn't cross it. He was trapped In the Wild...

Christoper Johnson McCandless: 1968-1992.
Adventure: 1990-1992.

'Into the Wild' is a great & meaningful movie everyone should watch it!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I wanna be free, I wanna fly.

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Three days ago, I watched 'Into The Wild' as Feizal told me that the movie was great. Yeah, indeed, it really is... I was really shocked to know how the story ended & the fact that it's based on true story.

'Into The Wild' is a very honest & incredible story of a freshly graduated college student named Alex who left his wealthy but broken family, little sister that he loved & normal life that he had. He took what's called the once in a life time adventure; he burnt his money, dumped his old car & then lived in the woods. His ultimate goal was to live & survive alone in Alaska for a 100 days. He was really braved but he took it way too far, until he lost...

Ok, I'll do the movie review on the next post coz now it about the value in the story that I would like to share. I really wanna be free, do what ever You Want without worrying about what other people would think. The might as well think you crazy. but who cares... A lot of people already think I'm crazy sometimes...(erm...really..??)

Or maybe not. I'm not that adventurous anymore... (I used to be..)

I wanna live my life without people keep telling me what I should do & what I shouldn't.

To have love, I have to obey.
To be happy, I then have to suffer.
When alone, there is no love?
When left alone, it is no better.

Why do I have to try really hard to have someone to love me? If the love is sincere, it shouldn't be this hard etc... maybe I can love the nature & hope nature will love me back.

Maybe tomorrow morning I have to start talking to the plants so they'll nourish, at least I know they won't talk back to me... I won't even hoping for that to happen.

Ok, dah mula merapu dah... but yeah, I really wanna fly. I'll love myself if there is no one wanna love me sincerely. I already do..;)

Haha, I'm not..
Yes, indeed I am.

P/S: I don't wanna postpone my works & I wanna read more books & accomplish more things!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Honey foundation & drag queen newbies.

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Gambar di atas dah mandi ok... walaupun gambar kiri atas nampak macam hell... (baru perasan...;p). Yesterday I was so bored so I took the unused Safi honey foundation i knew in my drawer (kedekut nak guna foundation sendiri). Tadaa... here's the result. The honey foundation is too fair for me, it made me looked like a drag queen... macam letak tepung gomak kat muka pun ade...

But in some pics with good illumination, I didn't look so bad (two pics below).

Then my lil sis came back from school & told me I looked funny but still, she asked me to put some make-up on her face. So I did...

We may looked like drag queens but we had fun! really...? ;p
Below are the photos taken during my niece marhaban & cukur jambul ceremony while the last pic on right is the pic of me, big bro & lil king mongkut... (coz his head was round like marbel/ watermelon)

I think Fatty the cat looked really cute in that basket...just like king mongkut...hehe...

Thursday, October 08, 2009

How to start doing charity.

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I tried to find the answer from the internet but none is what i'm looking for. Most of them talk about legal charity & funding. I'm not there yet, I should start my baby step first. Then i remembered the story that my mom told me about a lady who opened a charity home for single mom with sick/ disabled children or hospital patients who have no place to go after their treatment.

The lady was a typical housewife but she had a very nice & loving husband who did almost all the works (working, financial, children's edu...) coz he didn't want to burden her.

Until one day her husband suddenly dissapeared. He didn't take any of his personal belongings along with him & no one ever hear a thing from him again. People then assumed that he might be lost & dead.

It was a really tough time she had to go through when all this while she had her husband did almost all the things, except housework, for her. She got herself a job & in the struggling time, she started doing charity. It was while her way out of a hospital when she saw a woman; ex-patient, with a child that had no place to go. She invited the lady to live with her, she didn't think much that time & did according to her instinct.

More single mothers with sick/ disabled children came to live with her. The charity home is now getting bigger as there are increasing number of people in the house as well as donations from public. Mom who read about this lady & the charity home on newspaper also start donating.

May Allah bless that strong & very nice lady.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Chef Wan & why we (I) love him!

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This morning, when I was doing my routine as a "penanam anggur": lazing on the couch kept changing the tv channel... (yeah, the only game that I play is remote control & I'm loving it! Screw PS1,2,3,4...).

I suddenly saw Chef Wan but he was dancing not cooking, quite of a dancer I dare say...haha..but seriously.
He certainly & successfully entertained all the people at the charity home (disabled people) as they were all smiling & laughing while dancing along with Chef Wan (moving their hands since most of them were on wheelchairs) with a lot of spontaneous jokes & responses. It was a very nice show: Ole-Ole Chef Wan.

Chef Wan talked with the residents there like:
How are you doing? Are you happy? You look so pretty. Are you married? You wanna marry me?

I smiled to see their shy shy reactions ;) as I would have the same response too... A resident, middle 30-year-old chinese woman said: "Happy la...jumpe Chef Wan... " "Kitorg susah tak boleh jalan, bosan..." It meant a lot to them that Chef Wan came to their home, entertained, cooked, talked, listened & dancing for them. They were dancing too.

I've always wanted to do this kinda charity but never really do it & keep wondering how to start doing it. It's a never ending question which I would like to stop now.

So next post will be on how to start doing charity. Yup, it feels great to see smile of happiness on people faces & you start to realize how grateful you should be for the life you have now.

P/S: I'm not a lazy bum. I clean the house& cook meals everyday... It's an effort towards becoming a better person, so does watching tv... hehe...

P/S/S: Subject on the previous post:
Old saudagar finally sold his share but for higher price... the company is just a baby & has no money but it's ok...at least now lotsa people are relieved and "Lelaki gila anak saudagar penipu" is not worth mentioning again, except for comedy;p
(Wow, i'm so mean...forgive me...)

Friday, October 02, 2009

Lelaki gila anak saudagar penipu 1#

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Warning: Bahasa agar kasar. Jgn baca kalau hati selembut sutera.

Dah lame aku tak tulis dalam blog ni. Bukan aku tak berfikir selama beberapa hari ni tp sbb aku tak tau ape yang patut ditulis. Since I'm now so hot berapi with this 1 guy, so I'm goin to write a
real F***'G life story about him entitled: "Lelaki gila anak saudagar penipu". (Bapak die: saudagar tak penipu, saje guna ayat P.Ramlee tp anak die mmg saiko tamak tahap tertinggi babe...)

A few months back, my uncle's bro (bau-bau bacang kitorang) on my mom's side, met my dad & proposed an idea to open a plastic factory together. They initially seek my mom's bro (pak ude) for financial support bcoz they neither had enough money nor did they able to apply for loan from bank. Pak ude later asked my dad if they can help this old saudagar. Plastic is a good business & helping a relative is a good thing.

Nak dijadikan cerita, my dad gave a big sum of money while old saudagar only had to give the equity from his old company= rm50k & land=rm50k.

It all started like a perfect fairy tales with a written agreement that had been agreed by all (3 directors:my dad, old saudagar, nasir) & what left to do was just to run the business. However, my dad didn't realise the most important thing that would change it all... Old saudagar brought with him a perfect package of mad greedy son
"Lelaki gila anak saudagar penipu" LGASP. Atleast my dad didn't realise he was crazy...

is a 30 years-old man who yelled at his dad in front of the crowd. He acts like he's the main share holder when all he has is the clerk post that my dad gave after considering old saudagar. Kerani yang xde keje ape tapi gaji rm2500, pastu nak beli keta ofis yg tidak mahal untuk die guna mmg die mengamuk:

"Ayah, saya tak nak guna keta ni! Saya nak keta storm. Tukar!", he said to his dad in front of my dad & crowd...

Like duh....it's not even your dad's money dude... considering that you didn't do nothing but got a paycheck, u shud be thankful

Last time LGASP
marah giler bila dapat tau Lee& Nasir jumpe bapak aku tanpa bagitau die. Die buat tak pe plak. Suka hati bapak aku la.. LGASP jadi bossy giler! Die suke mengamuk so Lee& Nasir agak takut.

Old saudagar: tak bayar gaji pekerja2 (so my dad lagi kene bayar), buat dunno masa nak tukar nama tanah, tak berfikiran panjang & tamak nak instant money that won't get u anywhere,asyik mintak duit itu ini konon2 nak up la..tak boleh blah.

LGASP paksa mintak naik gaji rm4000, kerani yg xde wat ape. ko x rase macam nak mengamuk? Lee & Nasir yg cari projek & buat banyak keje pun tak macam tu.... Kalo aku jadi Lee, hari-hari aku komplen kat aku punya bini "melayu bodo la". Business elok g cari gaduh. Since Old Saudagar refuses to sell his share, I hope my dad find a fierce Chinese buyer yg boleh brainwash LGSAP. I'll work hard & build a better company for my dad (though not now). Dun u worry, daddy... Plus, as u said, money is not the most important thing.

Next episode: "Uncle suruh saya buat ape saje, sujud kat kaki uncle pun saya buat asal uncle maafkan saya",
LGASP said.

"pelakon paling teruk dalam dunia!", I said.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Love is back again..;p

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About my previous post, the one that looked like a poem but not... Haha.. yeah... I've learnt something from that episode which is: "to not make your own assumption without asking /investigate first". On 6th raya, I went to Feizal's open house, it turned up that his phone pad was ragged so it's hard for him to sms. Plus, he has always preferred calls while i prefer sms. This is the pic taken before the open house. I came early bcoz we planned to go for a date later. He was being so nice & sweet... That night after our date, I met his big family at his house & I loved it.

P/S: Guys can be so insensitive/ ignorant sometimes, so instead of hoping & waiting for them to figure want is on our mind, we should just tell them directly. I've known this a long time ago, but I still did what I did.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why I needed drugs on the 3rd day of Eid...

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First of all, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri...maaf zahir batin.

Eid Mubarak this year was just like the other years in the past... lotsa foods... lotsa foods... I kept eating, I ate everything. On the third day of Eid, after came back from my aunt's house, I suddenly felt uneasy.

That's followed by a series of "running to the toilet to vomit" scene. I vomitted everything I ate until the next morning (sorry if now, u feel like vomit). I took panadols, the drugs.

My dad said most probably I have gastrik like him & my bro. I think, this usually happen when I'm period (I was). However, it got worst that day bcoz i drank the carbonated drinks served.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When you were the last one to come...

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This is not poem

I waited for your calls...
but it never came by...
I hesitated to send u a msg,
when the last one u haven't replied.

It was my birthday,
and for the 4th year,
U did not remember,
The next day, u said "sorry,I forgot".

U sent me an sms& I was so happy,
U talked bout ur works & ur daily life at uni,
I missed u like crazy,
and it's sad when only "crazy" is what people see.

When I needed u the most,
Why u were the last one to come....

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dr. Oz: How to live beyond 100& stay healthy.

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I’ve wanted to write this post since the last 2 weeks but I keep postponing things…but obviously not anymore… Congratulation! ;)

Ok, during Dr. Oz’s last appearance with Dan Buettner on Oprah, they talk about this particular topic: How to life 100 and beyond. Dan Buettner is a freelance writer for National Geographic & spent seven years researching his book The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who've Lived the Longest. As it is mentioned on Oprah.com: “Residents of the blue zones regularly exercise, tend their gardens, are active members of their communities, eat delicious food and even have sex!”

Blue Zone No. 1: Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Dan Buettner together with Dr. Oz had to go through a very adventurous journey in order to get there. Nicoya Peninsula is located deep in the rainforest with hundreds of centurions lived there healthily. The secrets are lifestyle & hard water. How so?

1st: Lifestyle. People in Nicoya Peninsula are poor, they don’t have any food processor, vacuum/ stove etc which left them do all the works manually like in the old times. However, all these are found to be as a good exercise for them. They also eat organically; they just get all the fruits & veges from their backyards… nice!

2nd: Hard water. The water gained from the nearest waterfall contains higher amount of calcium and magnesium which helps to build strong bones. In Malaysia as well as other developed countries, we usually eliminate the natural minerals in our water before being distributed for daily uses. This is because of its tendency to cause mineral buildup in water pipe and heating systems, and its poor soap and/or detergent performance when compared with soft water. The minerals in hard water react with soap to form a curd.

The most shocking/ great thing is: At Loma Rica, a surgeon, Dr. Ellworth still go into the OR and perform heart surgery at the age of 94-years-old, a vegan, no milk, no eggs, and no insomnia. Not only he looked good, he felt great & happy with his wife!

There are other 3 Blue Zones (Sardinia, Italy; Okinawa, Japan and Loma Rica, Southern California)which basically are just over the same thing: Live life healthy!